Welcome to our solid wood flooring area. Here you can find informations about our products and services that we have. For better service please allow us to know who you are and what you exactly need. On the right place you can choose the region of your area that would be covered with flooring. We are really impatient to wait your home touched with a pure beauty of nature!

General Features
Beside our service range depending on country where you come from, we have general services that maybe could help you better finding your right flooring.

Floor Studio
Practically it is better to find the right flooring if we can imagine every single piece wood laid together on floor and combine with the real home ambient. Realizing this unique character of wood flooring that could not be separated with its ambient, we try to sharpen your imagination with a tool named “Floor Studio”. Below on the page you can access our floor studio and we wish you luck on finding your favorite flooring.

Sale Products
Solid wood flooring is gained directly from a whole wood log after have been cut. From one log come some dimensions and surface textures, not only one. Also each people has different favorite design depends on their individual. That’s why we always have some products that are still waiting to meet their suitable owner. To get our stock database access please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will try to match your favorite flooring.

Greeting! We are glad to meet you here on our site. In this sub-page area you will find some reasons why we would be your right choice.


30 years ago our first floorings were installed in Italy and Japan. Through the times we have gained a lot of experiences from handling many customers from many countries and continents. (Europe, USA, Middle East, East Asia and domestic market). The good news is, our experience does not charge any dollar more than before and it stays on us for you.


Beside the quality we also care about your flooring always come on time and as fast as possible. Not only for the production and delivery time, but also the raw material. That’s why we invite you to access our database, where you could save production time choosing the right raw material in our production chain.

Pengunjung website kami di seluruh pelosok tanah air, di halaman ini kami memberikan informasi-informasi seputar solid wood flooring dan layanan yang kami tawarkan.


Solid wood flooring.
Merupakan elemen alam dengan kemurnian struktur material. Kemurnian dan keunikan struktur setiap batang yang tidak dapat direplikasi membuat solid wood flooring memiliki kelasnya tersendiri. Kehadirannya dalam rumah impian anda menciptakan nuansa nyaman dan exklusivitas tersendiri.


Dengan pengalaman kami selama 30 tahun melayani para customer internasional, nantikan service istimewa dari kami. Keindahan dan kenyamanan rumah Anda merupakan bagian tanggungjawab dan kepuasan kami.